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Kids certainly won’t get bored with these board games!

It was in the middle of the 20th century that board games became a basis for kids games and teen’s games. Games such as Snakes and Ladders, Risk, Monopoly and many other games became popular. Mostly, kids games of the past are based on luck. With the advent of Scrabble, games became more strategy-based.

So What Games will Help Your Kids Language Skills?

Scrabble is an adult game, but there are many variations which includes kids version of the game also. By playing Scrabble, a child will sharpen not only spelling ability but will also learn new words and their corresponding meanings.

Scrabble is played by at least two people and a maximum of four people. The child will handpick seven tiled letters that are flip-sided, and from these tiles will try to make a word. The player then gets the option of connecting a letter in his/her possession if it is their turn on the board.

If the player possesses the letters s, e, t, l, o, x, a, he/she can connect the‘s’ to an existing word on the board creating a plural. He or she can also form a word with the other letters, such as the word ‘extols’. With the aid of a dictionary, the child will find that the word ‘extol’ exists, and it is a verb that means ‘praise highly’, a great way to learn vocabulary.

Be a Word Wizard
This game helps to develop your kids language and literacy skills by using flashcards and reward stickers.

A family orientated board game from DK Games who provide a wide range of learning games, it is sure to help kids from 4-7 years old.

Scrabble or any other board games that are considered kids language games can definitely improve a child’s language skills.

There are many of these games now that are available on the computer and the internet. Some of them on the Internet may deal with simple words and they are created for early learners.

For example, a game may require a child to fill in a missing letter to complete a word. With the aid of a recorded voice, the word is pronounced to the child to help him identify the missing letter.

This game helps the child improve his spelling of words as well as his understanding of how certain words are pronounced.

Games such as Scrabble and the state of the art kids language games on the internet will definitely enhance a child’s ability to think constructively and make progress with words.

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